The Love Fund of Wyckoff Began With Tears

Rev-David-and-Cynthia-BachRev. David and Cyndie Bach’s son, Robert, died from cancer in 1991. Robert was a Ramapo High School graduate who received a four year Presidential College Scholarship. A few years later Rev. Bach said, “We wept for months. At times, we still weep. Our tears expressed a loss greater than words can express. What we did not realize is that our tears were also doing something else. They were watering a “seed.” Somewhere within us God had planted a seed. This seed was the possibility that we might do something to continue Robert’s compassion for children. Our tears watered that seed.”
Some time later, Rev. Bach read a newspaper article about Midland Park’s Love Fund for children. He subsequently contacted Midland Park’s leadership. They eagerly shared their by-laws and operating procedures. They also encouraged him to start a similar group in Wyckoff. Later, when Rev. Bach shared this with the Wyckoff Clergy Association, with an interest in founding a fund in memory of his son, the Association agreed to be the Fund’s sponsor. Then, after months of planning and organization, The Love Fund of Wyckoff was established on Valentine’s Day in 1999.
Because of the generosity of the entire Wyckoff community, the Trustees of the Wyckoff Love Fund have been able to distribute up to $50,000 a year, assisting local children and youth. This assistance meets needs not covered in any other way.
The fund’s nine Trustees meet monthly to confidentially assess and financially assist children and youth in a variety of ways. This assistance includes, but is not limited to, medical, dental, developmental, educational, and practical needs. Assistance is available to children and youth who live in Wyckoff as well as children and youth with a parent who works in Wyckoff. Assistance for recommended summer camps and educational support is also available.
Although most contributions come in response to the Trustee’s annual mailing, other contributions come from congregations, school groups, lemonade stands, Scout groups, the Lion’s Club, bar mitzvah services, a foundation and birthday parties. Rev. Bach has said, “People are very creative and generous. One Christmas I was amazed to learn that three families, rather than giving each other presents, decided to pool their money and make a Christmas gift to The Love Fund of Wyckoff. Also, when a retired school teacher died in Florida, her family asked that instead of flowers, contributions be made to The Love Fund of Wyckoff. This amazing thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.”