The Love Fund provides confidential,
temporary assistance to support the children of Wyckoff.

Please Be Our Partner


Since 1999 the contributions of people like yourself have enabled The Love Fund of Wyckoff to help local children with unmet needs. This includes both children who live in Wyckoff and children with a parent who works in Wyckoff. These needs are most often for food and clothing, medical and dental services, educational support and utility bills. The Love Fund of Wyckoff pays utility bills to help keep children in their schools and homes while their parents deal with financial emergencies.

There are local children who need such “love.” Please take a moment to think about the Old Testament’s spiritual truth of “being blessed to be a blessing.” Then consider your gift to The Love Fund of Wyckoff. Please be our partner in this community service.

The Love Fund of Wyckoff’s nine Trustees are volunteers who meet monthly. The Fund is sponsored by the Wyckoff Clergy Association and is an IRS approved 501(c)3 charity. The Love Fund of Wyckoff is fortunate to have the support of one foundation, one service organization and several Wyckoff congregations. However, most funds comes from Wyckoff residents who thoughtfully contribute between $10 and $200 a year. The Love Fund of Wyckoff thanks you, in advance, for your contribution!

And most importantly, if you know a child or young adult who The Love Fund of Wyckoff might help please complete the following “Contact Form.” All information–like everything else–is strictly confidential.

The Love Fund of Wyckoff was established in 1999 by Rev. David and Cyndie Bach in memory of their son, Robert. Robert died from cancer after graduating from Ramapo High School. Sponsored by the Wyckoff Clergy Association, The Love Fund of Wyckoff exists for the benefit of community children with needs not fulfilled in any other way.

The generosity of people throughout the entire Wyckoff community has enabled The Wyckoff Love Fund to confidentially distribute up to $50,000 a year to children and youth. This assistance is provided after the Trustees of the Fund confidentially assess a child’s needs.

Those benefitting from The Love Fund of Wyckoff include children living in Wyckoff and children with a parent who works in Wyckoff. Assistance includes medical, dental and developmental needs as well as practical needs such as food and clothing. Assistance for recommended summer camps and educational support is also available. The Love Fund of Wyckoff is a “safety net,” providing assistance for the well-being of children when other help is not available.

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