Dear Love Fund Trustees;

On behalf of our family, I would like to thank The Love Fund of Wyckoff for their generous assistance in providing our special needs daughter with a wonderful experience at Camp Acorn over the past nine summers. I want you to know how extremely important this support has been to our family. The Camp Acorn experience provides our daughter with opportunities for social interaction with her special needs peers and well as providing a much needed respite for our family.

Your continued support through the years has allowed us to concentrate our monies on additional therapies and medical items that are not covered by insurance…




Dear Love Fund;

I would like to thank The Love fund of Wyckoff for all your previous support through the years. From your assistance with medical bills, tuition assistance, and a short term car lease, our son has been able to attend a local college in spite of his medical needs. He will be graduating in the spring. Thank you Love Fund for your many years of support….



Dear Love Fund Board Members;

Your continued generosity has enabled me to sleep a little better at night. My family and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are forever grateful for your extremely generous financial support during this very difficult time. Your payments for the entire outstanding balance of our PSEG bill and Ridgewood Water bill have touched out hearts and souls…..